First Days

The first days in child care 

Starting child care is often an exciting and new adventure for children and their families. Although the experience of starting and settling into child care will differ for each individual, there are some general strategies and information that all families may find helpful during this process.

At Pied Piper Kindergarten we have found that the more you discuss the new school with your children and involve them in getting a school bag, a hat and other items the easier they tend to settle in. If possible speak to the staff and accompany your child at the center for a couple of hours before they are due to start.
Your child may have a special toy or comfort item to bring and we have a ‘waving goodbye’ window which is incorporated into the separation ritual. Spend some unhurried time with your child at the service, show them where to keep their bag, where the bathroom is and then say ‘goodbye’ calmly and confidently, reassuring your child that you will collect them later, either after lunch or after a nap.

Leave when you say you are going to leave. Continuing to stay for ‘one more minute’ can increase your’s and your child’s anxiety. Always say goodbye to your child. While it may be tempting to leave quietly, while your child is happily engaged in play, this can cause children to feel anxious and distrustful
Before you know it your child will be having such a great time at Pied Piper that when you come to pick them up they will want to stay longer!

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