Our Philosophy

Children – At Pied Piper we believe that our children are capable and unique individuals who come to our centre with a variety of experiences, interests, skills and ideas. We celebrate, appreciate and respect this uniqueness, involving each individual child in our program.
Family – The families of our service are our most valuable resource. We aim to provide opportunities to involve our parents and families in all aspects of our centre. We believe in working in partnership with our families to support them and their children. We will be sensitive to our families’ child rearing beliefs and offer education, support and guidance when needed.
Program – At Pied Piper Kindergarten our program is child focused with information gathered from regular and ongoing observations of children participating in our play environments. We regularly evaluate our programs for effectiveness and developmental appropriateness. We recognise and value family and children’s input into the development of our programs. The development of our program is also supported by the national Early Years Learning Framework which sets out a range of broad learning outcomes through which we observe and assess children’s learning in our service.
Educators – At Pied Piper we as educators are passionate and dedicated to providing a program and environment which is safe, inviting and stimulating for our families and children.  We believe in recruiting qualified, experienced and mature staff who are capable of putting our philosophy in to action. Management continually supports staff in fulfilling their role as educators of our service. We believe in supporting our educators to work cooperatively; sharing skills and knowledge, acting as mentors and providing a range of teaching skills as resources to further our pool of knowledge.
Community – At Pied Piper Kindergarten we are aware of our community and we encourage and support our families and children to engage with our local community. Our parents, friends and families work in our local community and we use these people as stepping stones to accessing and engaging with our local community. We are aware and appreciate the range of diverse cultures represented in our community.
Environment – We aim for all learning environments to be stimulating, safe, aesthetically pleasing, clean and accessible to all. We continually change and develop our learning environments based on our evaluations of children’s interests and developmental outcomes. We understand that within our service we host both natural and man-made environments. The educators of our service aim to promote an appreciation of both environments, expressing our commitment to natural sustainability.

Mission Statement

Pied Piper Kindergarten exists to provide a safe, high quality learning environment for the children within our community. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early years education experience which promotes the uniqueness of the children within our service through our partnerships with our families and community.

Our Vision

At Pied Piper Kindergarten we aim to honour and value each child, their strengths, interests and opinions. We believe that all children have the right to an education that lays a foundation for the rest of their lives, maximises their ability, and respects their family, culture, language and identity. Our vision is to provide a place of learning with which the children deeply connect, allowing them to develop a lifelong relationship with Pied Piper Kindergarten.