Owna For Parents

 View children’s Daily Stats (meal, sleep, bottles etc) with past history
 Digital Attendances (time logged, signature captured)
 View Writeups, Images and Videos
 Read Children’s Portfolios
 Notify Centre of Non Attendances
 Upload Immunisation Record
 View Programs, Policy Documents & more
 Events Calendar
 Secure Communication with Centre
 Receive Notification Alerts
 Looks Great & Easy to use
 Plus loads more+++



Please follow the instructions below
As a parent/guardian you are required to activate your account to gain access to your child/ren’s profile.

To activate your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Download OWNA APP to your device
  2. Type in your personal email
  3. Password is the last 4 digits of your mobile number
  4. Once you have access to the APP please feel free to add a profile picture for you and your child
  5. The APP will notify you whenever your child is tagged in a post
  6. All observations, learning stories, daily journals are viewed through OWNA
  7. You can also comment or like any posts and we encourage all families to post their own photos on OWNA
  8. Meals, Nappy change, rest and sleep are all recorded in the APP for your convenience


In addition to the information presented on OWNA (including a mid-year and end of year report) you will be provided an opportunity to have a parent/teacher meeting in July to discuss your child’s progress and any areas of development you wish to extend upon.


If you have any difficulties accessing OWNA please contact us via email  blairathol@piedpiperkindergarten.com.au or raby@piedpiperkindergarten.com.au  or speak to your room leader.


We look forward to hearing feedback from you throughout the year.